Sunday, January 9, 2011

Faith in the System

Day 7-14
[Week 2]

I've stayed with "The System" but to be honest, I'm worried.  Though I know little about running, training, and the ins and outs of preparing for a half marathon, I find myself telling the expert that I am the exception and his plan won't work for me.

See, Mr. Hal Higdon doesn't know that I'm not a runner.
He doesn't know that I actually don't like running
or that I'm running very very slowly
.... my lame excuses could go on...

Doesn't this tendency sound familiar?

As Christians, we're oftentimes quick to pull out Romans 8:28 amidst trials or stressful times and say, 
"yes, I trust that God does work all things for the good of those who love him"

But does that stop worry?  For me... hardly, sadly.
We add a bit to the verse and say something like
"I trust, but maybe I should help Him a little just in case..."

We keep on our plans, but in the back of our minds we start making up back-up plans in case God doesn't act in the way we've prayed He would, and in some cases, the way He's promised He would.

With the training plan, it's hard for me to imagine that in 10 weeks I'll run 13.1 miles.  I find myself thinking I must run on a rest day or go farther on a short day.  My lack of trust in the silly training plan has revealed my tendency to control what's not mine.

Time to trust in the plan and I'm right on schedule.

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