Saturday, December 25, 2010


I just registered for the Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon in Dallas, Texas on March 27th. I held my breath as I finally hit submit, signing away the next 90 days with my $100 commitment.

And, my first response was "Crap, that means I have to start running tomorrow."

Reality has struck.  Running a half marathon is one of those lingering items on my bucket list that has been pushed aside for much easier feats of visiting the Grand Canyon and reading C.S. Lewis' novels.  For years now I've been receiving the daily emails from Runner's World, which not only make me feel guilty for choosing Starbucks over exercising but also solidify how crazy I am.  I'm not exactly a "runner"-whatever that means.

In fact, I'm not even athletic.  The other day my family ran into one of the coaches at our middle school, and as Coach Gray greeted and reminisced with my siblings, he looked at me confused until I confessed, "Yes, I'm a Gear.  You just don't know me because I'm not athletic." My brother so kindly added, "She likes books more than sports." A humbling moment.

While the beasts featured in Runner's World are perfecting their strides and steps, I'm trying to simply run.

I'm a non-runner trying to run
a newbie venturing out
and hopefully proof that it can be done.

And yes, crap, I have to run tomorrow.

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