Sunday, December 26, 2010

Girl in the Jeans, I've Got You

Day 1.

I'm home in Missouri for Christmas break, and the frigid winters have always been a perfect excuse for hibernating inside guilt-free.  Now that I'm a pseudo-runner, such excuses are void-- the daunting machine known as the treadmill knows no such excuses.

Also, being a planner, I've been on the search for the perfect training plan.  It was tempting to replace actual running with planning to run.  However, the 90 days are ticking away so off to the gym I went with the meager goal of running a mile (and not getting depressed that it would wipe me out).  After all, you must start somewhere, right?

I am proud to say I ran 2.25 miles.  My sheer motivation to push past the first mile was a lady in front of me running in jeans.  She had her shirt tucked into her skinny jeans with messy hair poking out from her massive headphones.  She kept running, so I kept running.

Day 1 was a success due to Jean Girl.  I hope she's at the gym tomorrow.

Distance: 2.25 Running + 1.5 Walking

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