Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Don't Think

Day 3.

The ironic thing about running is that it requires you to undo much of the things you've been taught.  In some ways, it's almost rebellious, eh?

For example, not thinking is one of the simplest yet challenging aspects of running. You know how sometimes you drive by default somewhere? If only running were like that.  Growing up you're taught "use your brain" and "focus on what you're doing," yet in running that's the last thing you want to do-- you must get your mind off what you're doing.

Another example is how we're taught to stay close to home and away from busy streets.  Instead of running in a loop in my neighborhood, I decided to run out towards the main road.  Running away from my finish line was at first depressing, but it kept me going.  I ran alongside a larger street in Springfield, and though it's shallow, running where people can see you makes you give it your all.  It's roadside accountability.

I might change my opinion in a few days, but somehow I'm having fun. I never thought I'd say such craziness.  

Distance: 3.5 miles.

Moving on up.

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  1. woohoo, caroline! i'm so proud of you for doing this and i know that you are going to rock it! :)